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If you need to go on holidays, but you don't have much time, take a seat and lay back by listening to Latin Trance by Third Sol. This is an awesome record with influences of worldmusic, Soul, Funk and Latin. You might think these guys come from Argentina or Brasilia, but they raised up in California. You can enjoy this release alone, or better "at the party", like a smooth Song is called on the album.

If you like indie pop and alternative rock, you should take a listen to Love thy Neighbor from Un Rodo Cora from Stockholm, Sweden. If I go to Sweden for holidays, I will visit a concert of this band. With 20 active members in a band, the songs have a great diversity. "Limo" rocks on, while "You will love again" and "Crawler" sound very smooth.


"Take Johnny Cash, James Brown and George Thorogood, put them in a bowl and stir occasionally adding a sprinkle of Latin and Creole seasoning and you would be close to a fixin of Hector Ward & The Bigtime!" This is a good self-description of the band, there is nothing left to describe them. They released their new album Freightline Funk/Sum of All/ Evolution - Live From the Saxon Pub. "time will tell" is smooth, but by listening to songs like "Brown Liquor" or "so fine" you won't sit still. It's impossible to not like this tune. Even the Grinch would dance to these songs. A must have CD, and everytime worth a visit live!

In 2017, 18 year old singer Megan Moore from Cardiff, Wales, UK, released her fifth (!) album

5 past ten. You will hear influences of funk, pop, soul and jazz by listening. While the song "Angel on my shoulder" is a well done ballade, songs like "Riding on the backbeat", "Junk Male" and "In this crowd" will keep your feet moving.


Lightning Hall from Rio Rancho, US, released his Album Secrets and Ruins in 2015. This is Blues roots rock and acoustic blues at its finest. The album includes 8 songs, our favorits are "Chasing Sunshine" and "Pickup Truck", which is a real feel good blues song.


Zelena Hull from the US released her new EP Six feet under. It's alternative rock country, influenced by the scorpions and Shania Twain. I can also hear a little bit of Bonnie Tyler, but with a less smokie voice. All songs are well produced with clear vocals and perfect played insruments. "I believe" and "Six feet under" I like best. 

Freak Deco by Pilgrim Speakeasy, an alternative rock band from UK. They call themselves an Electro-Funk-World-Rock-Folk-Anomaly, and indeed, they are! This is a little bit like lo-fi, avantgarde, it's absolutely crazy. And I could listen to it every day. You had a bad day? Listen, and everything is fine! You had a good day? Listen, too. Because then it will be a day in the top 10 of your life! Especially "Plan D" gets me. And you, too. I promise.

Timeless Love, Ode to Arthur van Schendel by Paul Vens & Friends from Brabant in the Netherlands. These are wunderful songs in a calm mood, I call him a new age singer/songwriter. Fine fingerpicking, a soft voice, and at the right places some flutes or a violin. Acoustic minimalism. My favs are "Song for Poets & Everybody" and "Timeless Love".

Jam Theory by The Como Brothers from Mount Sinai in the US. John Mayer meets the Pet Shop Boys and Erasure. I have to wite the review, but I cannot stop listening. This album is more than worth a listen. Give me a word that meens catchy³. "Maybe I'm feeling Lonely" is my favorite, "Hazardous" is amazing, too. This is solid pop, with influences from electro and funk.

Lugard is an alternative composer from London/ UK who crosses many genres and doesn't fit in one. You will love or hate it, maybe it depends on the song you are listening to. "Broken Glass" is the song the whole album should be like: a fine tune. But in "Dominos" he tries  to sound like Enigma, but something is missing. And "Black Swan" is an attack on my ears. "True Cause" is reagge-influenced. This album is lost in space.

The first album of french singer/songwriter Nate from Montpellier is named pilgrim. A good name to describe a fascinating musical journey. This albums songs get the perfect point. It's slowly, calm, a wunderful voice that let's you drift away - but it's never melancolic or in another dark mood and no one will get in such a mood by listening to this album. It's a silent yes to life, no big arrangements, just perfect minimalism with some backing vocals and no beats. Another kind of laid-back sound, best decision for the evening. Jazzy folk-pop worth to buy the album, not just the stream on Deezer or Spotify.

The Selects released their album Fast times at hammerheads Most of the songs like "coming clear", "wonder" and "never ends" sound like punky grunge, a song like "every sniff" shows this band is able to play pop-orientated alternative rock. Put Beatles, Alice in Chains and Green Day in a bottle and shake it, you will get this sound. Thumbs up!

Paris-Memphis by Celine Schmink.13 tracks partly in english, partly in french. A soft and somehow melancolic smokie voice sings. Minimalistic alternative singer/songwriter sound. "Miss Molly" and "Compulsive Ways" make me think of a frech singing PJ Harvey. "Betes d'orage" has electronic impulses, it is more indie pop. This album is worth more than one listen.

Celine Schmink comes from Paris, but has many american influences because of a road trip through the USA.

New Album Out of my head by Mike Thompson from Panama City, Florida. Shiny music, somewhere between Phil Collins and Foo Fighters. While "The One" has a softer attitude, "The river"s hard guitar make your soul swimming in a stream of riffs.

Wasila is a town in Alaska. The weather in Alaska is cold and hard, and like this is the band 3 Kisses. They released their album Cardboard Cutouts. Hell driven punk hard rock, influenced by Green Day. "Love is a grave" is fast and solid punk.  "Master of no one", my favorite, has more melodics in voice and guitar, "Aim high" has got a nice solo. 

Imperial Highways selftitled debut-album is solid lofi-rock from San Francisco, California. Hearing the songs, i feel like beeing on the beach, don't know why. Maybe the guitars give a drifting feeling, maybe the lofisound gets me away, I like this style of underproduced music.

My favorites are "Last I've heard" and "Grit".

Taster Sessions 1/2 & 3 by The Chosen Spirit from Rugby, Great Britain. Heaven and hell - a wonderful and awesome song intonated by Anna Perry is "catch the moment", the piano will take you away about 7 minutes. It's nearly the same with the song "emotions", but in this case the most important instrument is the guitar.

"Come on home" and "Saw you standin' there" are more psychodelic, nearly experimental. I did not listen more than one minute to "saw you standin' there" cause of its disharmonic playing. For those who like it, enjoy. Altogether, these albums are worth a listen.

If you're a 18 times nominated singer/songwriter in hard rock, you're no indie artist anymoro and you don't interest me. But this lady gets me, she's not influenced to much by mainstream, she's some in the nomansland between real indie and mainstream. Kristen Faulconer writes songs with messages, hard rock meets pop. Phoenix rising is a must-listen-album! My favorite: slow down.